BREXIT - my position ahead of the vote

Here is a summary of my position on Brexit as we approach the end game:

  • I voted to remain, but the people voted to leave in 2016. My constituency voted to leave by a margin of 55/45
  • We said we would honour the outcome of the referendum, and so we must
  • With me this is an article of faith and non-negotiable. We have to honour the vote to leave the EU
  • It is for Parliament to decide how we leave
  • I want us to honour the 2016 vote without crashing the economy, which is why I am backing the PM’s deal
  • Under the deal, we leave the EU, Customs Union, Single Market, CFP and CAP, all by the end of 2020, or if we have to enter it the further backstop arrangement. I am perfectly happy with the way in which the backstop can be brought to an end. It provides time for businesses to adjust and gives us the right to enter our own trade deals. All perfectly sensible
  • I am relaxed about the nature of the future trading relationship so long as it is as frictionless as possible
  • I do not support a second referendum, as this would not help to finally resolve this matter, and would prolong the deep division in our country.
  • I do not want us to leave without a deal because of the possible disruption to the local and national economy.
  • I will therefore support the deal and strongly back the PM in her efforts to deliver on the wishes of the British people

Opinion in my constituency remains deeply divided, but I am elected to exercise my own judgement, which I am doing.