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Technology has continually changed the way we live. The train, the car, the internet: the list stretches throughout history. 

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There are 316 Conservative MPs following the general election, which is why we do not have an overall majority as the magic figure is 326. 

Four Rivers Dementia Alliance

Communities across the South Hams are joining forces to support individuals and families affected by dementia.

GP recruitment question to Health Secretary

Over recent months, I have met with many GPs and their Practice Managers and a key topic of conversation is the problem they currently face in recruiting GPs.

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This week Johnny Mercer (MP for Plymouth Moorview) and I tried a new tactic to attract the government’s attention over our vital rail link. There was to be a debate and vote this Tuesday about extending High Speed rail from Birmingham to Crewe. 

Significant progress made on rail improvements

Today, I received a letter (copy attached below) from the Secretary of State for Transport where he has promised to respond to the Peninsula Rail Task Force (PRTF) report by the end of February.

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We all know that the NHS is under pressure. We are pumping in more money than ever before, a real terms increase each year, but the pressures increase. There are more doctors and nurses but the pressures increase. The NHS is carrying out more operations each year but the pressure increases.

Visit to local Sixth Form

Last Friday saw one of my regular visits to a local school - this time to meet the Six Form at Devonport High School for Girls. 

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Something unusual happened at one of my advice surgeries just before Christmas. One of my constituents who I had been supporting in her benefit appeal, came to tell me that she had got a job some weeks previously and absolutely loved it.

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Is there any doubt that we are in the midst of a digital revolution? The way every business works, every life (especially those under 40) operates, is being transformed by digital technology. Every decision, every application, almost every purchase – all online.