Type 26 Frigates: base-porting

I am often found Chairing debates in Westminster Hall - the smaller yet essential debating chamber off the most ancient and original part of Parliament.

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I find Donald Trump a most distasteful man and cannot really believe that he is the best that the mighty USA can come up with. 

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This week we went down to Cornwall for four days with all the family, the first time we have done this since our kids became adults.

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You would think that after 26 years I had covered every inch of the constituency. Not so. Two weeks ago, I went to the open day being held by Hooe Point Sailing club, which is right at the very end of Barton Road, Hooe.

Plymouth - A Compassionate City

St Luke’s Hospice recently held a day conference exploring what it would look like for Plymouth to become a Compassionate City and I was pleased to attend part of it.

Brexit: the future of customs

As you will no doubt be aware, one of the crucial negotiations in the Brexit process relates to the issue of customs and borders, import and export tariffs between the UK, the EU and the rest of the world.

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We have reached the business end of the Brexit-saga. By October we need the final deal in place so that our Parliament and the EU Parliament has time to vote on it before the two year notice period triggered by article 50 expires.

Sherford Construction Training Centre Opens

Gary Streeter, Member of Parliament for South West Devon, officially opened Sherford’s new £370,000 Skills Training Centre, celebrating the occasion alongside key dignitaries, the Sherford Consortium, local training providers and construction contractors at the new development.

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I was pleased to see the promotion of my good friend Sajid Javid to Home secretary this week.