Grappling with Brexit

Have you ever lain awake at night grappling with a seemingly insoluble problem? Those of us who are parents or who have run our own business certainly have!

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Have you ever lain awake at night grappling with a seemingly insoluble problem? Those of us who are parents or who have run our own business certainly have!

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The next few weeks at Westminster will be dominated by the leadership contest. The person elected to lead the Conservative Party will immediately become Prime Minister, so as Yoda might say: choose carefully we must.

Launch of South Devon ANOB

Last Friday I joined all those responsible for promoting the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as they launched the management plan at Battisborough House in the South Hams.

Do watch my short speech to find out more about why this is so important!


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It is much easier, when standing on the deck of a cross channel ferry, to see where you have been, rather than where you are going. The white lines in the sea made by the propellers tells you all you need to know.

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Next Saturday I am the guest speaker at my old rugby club Tiverton RFC which is enjoying its 150th anniversary, the oldest club in Devon. I will be sharing some old stories about when I played for the club’s Colts team, in the early 1970’s. Nearly 50 years ago! Looking forward to it.

Debate in Parliament - Ivybridge Community College: Exam Pressure

Earlier this week I secured a 30 minute debate on the issue of mental health in schools. The whole premise for the debate came as a result of meeting with sixth form students from Ivybridge Community College.

You can either watch the debate or read it here.

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The revelation this week that the NHS is once trying to recruit nurses from overseas is not a surprise. Unemployment is running at less than 4% in our country and there are many sectors of society that simply cannot operate without migrant labour.

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It was a pleasure to be present at the packed St. George’s Day Annual Scouting Service at St. Mary’s Plympton on Sunday last.