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I do not much follow football these days, but as a boy growing up in the 1960’s I was a huge Liverpool fan.

Employment figures highest in South West

Figures released today show that in the South West, there are 2,812,472 people in work – meaning that, under the Conservatives, 318,156 more people have the security of a job.

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Welcome to the land of giants. Microsoft is worth around $750 billion Google about $740 billion, with Apple the third most valuable. Facebook is also well up there.

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One of the great successes of our area recently has been cross-party agreement of a Local development plan. It sounds technical and boring, but it is not.

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It is something of a minor miracle that despite all of the uncertainty generated by the Great Brexit Bake Off, the British economy continues to grow. I don’t think anybody really knows why! 

The economy and business in Plympton

Good news -  our public finances have reached a ‘turning point’ with the independent economic outlook showing a ‘solid foundation on which to build Britain’s economic future’.

Last week, the Chancellor said the outlook shows that:

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What lessons can we learn from that horrible atrocity in New Zealand? 

First, that radicalisation and terrorism can take many forms, and that many people from different backgrounds are prone to it. 

Honour to present World War Two Medals to Nelly Hassell

On Saturday, I had the honour of presenting 95 year old, Nelly Hassell, with two medals from her service in World War Two. 

After the war ended she didn't receive her medals but her Grandson, Scott, did something about this and succeeded in securing her rightful recognition.