Gary Streeter MP welcomes innovative Sherford construction skills training centre

A revolutionary new training centre is being constructed at Sherford, as part of a long-term commitment to increase the numbers working in the region’s construction industry. Set to be completed by the end of 2017, the training centre will engage military veterans, apprentices, local contractors, as well as those currently working at Sherford, boosting manual skills by providing training and experience across a number of major construction trades.

Marking a major commitment into boosting the local construction industry, an investment of over £370,000 has been made into the delivery of the new training facility, which will be based at Sherford in Gary’s South West Devon constituency for at least three years.

As part of the Sherford Skills Training Scheme, the training centre will engage a variety of users, including individuals and sub-contractors already working at Sherford. It will also be used by those looking to retrain or learn new skills, with 60% of this group expected to be former members of the Armed Forces, providing training and practical experience to help them develop professionally.

The training centre will include two classrooms, a workshop and an outdoor training area. By identifying gaps in the local trades market and following analysis of the skills most required at Sherford, the centre will focus on providing training across five key areas, these include; bricklaying, traditional roofing, specialist carpentry, drylining and sealants.

As one of the largest community development projects in the country, it is hoped the centre will not only tackle the skills challenge in the existing workforce at Sherford, but also significantly support the region’s economic growth and employment landscape.

Gary Streeter MP said: “I am delighted that the construction industry in Plymouth and the South West is using the Sherford development as an opportunity to increase the sustainability of the industry for the future.

“Tapping into the pool of veterans in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, men and women with skills which easily transfer into the construction industry, adds yet another benefit to this innovative scheme.

“The South West needs to see a boost in productivity to ensure the economic success of the region in the future. Using the region's house building agenda to support this aim is just one way we can work towards this."

For those interested in finding out more about the training opportunities available at Sherford, please register your interest at