PPI News

The people have spoken. As I suspected there was a mood in the country to end the meanderings of the past three years, get Brexit done and move on. Our Parliament does not function well without a majority, but now my party has a substantial majority and we have no excuse – we must deliver on our promises. I am confident that we will.

We will be pursuing a One Nation Conservative agenda with strong support for the NHS, investment in our national infrastructure including broadband and public services. A huge thanks to the people of South West Devon for placing their trust in me once again. 

Some people argued our politics was broken, but the election result from last week demonstrates that it is not broken, simply evolving. For some periods during my 27 yearParliamentary career, it has been the blue team needing to adapt and find a fresh offer. Now it is the turn of the red team. I have many wonderful friends in the Parliamentary Labour Party and I am confident they will find a way through.

The great success for my party in the North will bring its own challenges for us in the South West. Understandably, there will be a tendency to focus on the Midlands and North for future infrastructure investment. MPs for our region must fight for our fair share down here, and we will. Crucially this region must try even harder to speak with a single clear voice about our strategic priorities. I will be working on this urgently, especially in terms of transport infrastructure. 

This week will see us return to a very different Parliament, confirm the election of the new Speaker, get sworn in, have a mini-Queen’s Speech and pass the EU Withdrawal Bill. I have a feeling that this cracking pace will be a feature of the Boris administration.

Many of us have put Christmas on hold until after the election. But now we can start to relax into it. It remains a timeless truth: the birth of a baby who changed the world. There is a lot to be enjoyed about the festive season: families and friends coming together, the singing of carols, the giving of gifts and the trumpeting of the season of goodwill. We should never forget that it is all based on a true story. It actually happened in history: that our Creator came and lived among us. 

Happy Christmas 2019 everyone!