PPI News

The political year has not ended well. The country is deeply divided over You-Know-What and your Parliament is gridlocked – no clear majority for any option. The e-mails pour in on each of the three sides of the argument: no deal, deal, second referendum, each sender convinced that they alone are right. Meltdown! Wouldn’t it be great to wake up tomorrow morning to hear that there has been a breakthrough – all sorted! Would that not be good news? 

Don’t hold your breath. So we go into Christmas a little gloomy and hunt around for good news.

The economy is doing surprisingly well, considering two years of uncertainty, and unemployment is historically low. A little bit of cheer there: having a job equals food on the table and a roof over head. But we know these things are temporary and that the economy has always gone in cycles. 

Is there anything else out there that can cheer us up? Family can often be inspiring – blood is thicker than water, although for a substantial minority that is not the case. Even for those of us surrounded by loving families, there are regular heartbreaks and disappointments. Family brings joy, but it is caveated. 

This Christmas, why don’t we take a fresh look at some good news that will never let us down? As Her Majesty says each year on her very poignant TV broadcasts: Christmas is a time of hope, because Jesus came into our world. The people living in darkness have seen a great light: the ultimate good news. 

But what is this good news? Is the Christmas story really true and if so what does it mean for us? To discover the truth this year, why not go back to source - why not read about it for ourselves? As it is Christmas, start with the historical account of the life of Jesus written by a doctor called Luke. You can order it on Amazon. If you like it move onto the more vibrantnarrative written by a man called John. 

I realise my job is to be part of the Parliament that sorts out our problems and makes sensible laws. I do my best to fulfil the responsibilities you have invested in me. But right now, we are in a mess. So if you are looking for good news, have a fresh look at the inspiring accounts of the baby who was born at Christmas. You won’t regret it.