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There can be no denying that we are now in the heart of a full-blown no-holds-barred political and constitutional crisis. Despite the prime Minister’s best efforts to get a sensible,rational Brexit Deal through Parliament, it has not commanded a majority and the government is marooned in a sea of confusion. 

There is precious little clarity as to what happens next. I have encountered nothing like this in my 27 years. We  rule out a no-deal Brexit, and at the time of typing this will probably agree to apply for an extension to Article 50. For what purpose, I am not certain. 

We obviously cannot stay in this state of stalemate. Find a way forward we must. But there are so many differing agendas and views that there seems to be a majority for nothing. In the meantime constituents vent their spleen and the emails pour in: support no-deal, reject no-deal, have a second referendum – just get out – the anger and frustration continues unabated. But we are stuck.

So what might happen next? Will the EU blink and give more concessions at the EU summit on 21st March? Unlikely, they have made it clear that there will not be a third chance. Even if they were inclined to move, what would we ask for? The reality is that we do need to protect the Irish border and the backstop does that. Will the Attorney General change his advice? Why?

Should we move to a confirmatory referendum: the question being: support the deal or remain? There might be a majority in the House for that proposition. But what would the no-dealers make of it? They would rail against it. If the people support the deal, that might settle the how we would leave the EU. But if the people voted to remain……the campaign for a third referendum would kick off immediately with people on the streets.

Perhaps we should change our Prime Minister. But where is the new plan to resolve this and who could do a better job?

Maybe we should have a general election. If my party made support for the deal our manifesto and we were to win, that would settle how we would leave. But there is no guarantee ofsuch an outcome and more likely an election would not dramatically alter Parliamentary arithmetic. 

I will always look to act and vote in the national interest. Unfortunately it is not currently clear what that means!