School Days

Last Friday I spent most of the day in three local schools.

First thing, I received my annual grilling from the Sixth Form at Ivybridge Community College. I'm always incredibly impressed by the breadth and depth of their questions - they certainly keep me on my toes.

I also caught up with the Head at Pomphlett School and saw the impressive building works they've had taking place over the last few months. 

I shouldn't really say that one visit was the best of the day, but as it involved a fish and chip lunch, I think my visit to Dunstone Primary was a definite highlight. Always fascinating to chat with the children and to see what their take on the world is. It was also very good to meet with the CEO of the Westcountry Schools Trust - the Multi Academy Trust encompassing many schools across South West Devon, the Headteacher and Chair of Governors of the Dunstone Primary School and also representatives from school meal providers, CaterEd

I say it each time I visit a local school, but it always leaves me feeling hopeful for the future - seeing what excellent young people we have growing up in the constituency.