Visit to local Sixth Form

Last Friday saw one of my regular visits to a local school - this time to meet the Six Form at Devonport High School for Girls. 

With around 200 young women and a few young men in the room, they quizzed me on my views on a wide range of issues - from HS2 and railway infrastructure to welfare spending, electoral systems and proportional reputation to defence policy. Having asked questions for an hour, it was clear a keen core would have carried on for the rest of the morning. 

I am always impressed by the knowledge and thought out opinions of the city's young people. It's always a tough crowd when faced with so many intelligent and opinionated young people but encouraginly so. 

Whilst it seemed like some of them didn't agree with my politics, Friday's Q&A session certainly reminded me of how important engaging with our young people is. It also highlighted again how important it is that politicians of all colours are properly thinking through the issues of the future like housing and economic security to ensure we leave a positive legacy (and stand any chance of attracting their support in the future).