Barton Surgery Update

When late last year the sole practitioner GP at Barton Surgery Plymstock handed back his NHS contract overnight, it created a real challenge for those responsible for the provision of primary care services in this area and massive disruption for many of its patients.

Leaving the EU

I do not want Big Ben to bong or church bells to ring. The issue was divisive enough without rubbing people’s faces in it. We also have a job of healing to do. The Brexit debate ripped a hole in our country. Now that Brexit is a fait accomplis, the healing process can begin

To be a vegan?

As I made clear in my election material, my two priorities for this Parliament are improving access to GP services for this constituency and taking effective action on climate change. I will be writing about primary care next week.


The unexpected success of many Conservative MPs elected in Northern seats is a threat and an opportunity for our region.

PPI News

Happy New Year to one and all. Parliament reassembled this week with a very new mood: the people have spoken and we know what we have to do. The EU withdrawal bill is cruising its way through Parliament and sent to the Upper House next week.

PPI News

The people have spoken. As I suspected there was a mood in the country to end the meanderings of the past three years, get Brexit done and move on.


I am sorry that we have inflicted upon you another general election, but I am afraid there was no real alternative. A government with no majority, a Parliament that was stuck. Something had to give.


It will soon be bonfire night again and our emergency services will be working overtime, and many people and plenty of animals will be cowering in the corner in fear.

PPI News

I seem to have reached the age where hurtling back to London for the extraordinary session last Saturday has taken a toll on me. I start this week feeling sluggish, and not relishing another week of high Brexit drama.