Overcoming COVID19

I have deliberately held off from writing about the Covid 19 pandemic until it was clearer what kind of crisis we are dealing with. Now that is clear: a very serious one. 

Laser like focused Budget

I have witnessed at least 25 budgets in my time at Westminster, some more remarkable and successful than others. The budget this week was noteworthy for several reasons.

Agroforestry at Dartington

I had a fascinating day at Dartington Hall Estate last Thursday learning about the experimental research they are carrying out on Agroforestry.

Truths about Cathedrals and Flood Plains

Jan and I are on a mini break to visit the cathedrals of Hereford and Worcester. Unfortunately Storm Dennis got here before us and many people have been flooded as the rivers of this region have broken their banks.

Farming and sustainability in Brexit Britain

The House of Commons recently debated the Agricultural Bill which will put in place the system that will replace the Common Agricultural Policy as we transition fully out of the EU at the end of this year. The Bill is primarily a framework enabling the Secretary of State to make detailed regulati

Barton Surgery Update

When late last year the sole practitioner GP at Barton Surgery Plymstock handed back his NHS contract overnight, it created a real challenge for those responsible for the provision of primary care services in this area and massive disruption for many of its patients.

Leaving the EU

I do not want Big Ben to bong or church bells to ring. The issue was divisive enough without rubbing people’s faces in it. We also have a job of healing to do. The Brexit debate ripped a hole in our country. Now that Brexit is a fait accomplis, the healing process can begin

To be a vegan?

As I made clear in my election material, my two priorities for this Parliament are improving access to GP services for this constituency and taking effective action on climate change. I will be writing about primary care next week.