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The session of parliament before Christmas was as intense as any I can remember since the 1990’s. I suspect that the next 12 months will present more of the same.

Christmas Newsletter

Here is a link to my Christmas newsletter.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Apart from the passionate few, I realise that you are all fed up with hearing about Brexit. But as it is going to impact all of our lives, I would be failing in my duties if I did not provide occasional updates.


A young constituent came to see me at a surgery last week to share with me her experience on the International Citizen Service (ICS) - a UK government funded programme that brings together young people to make a difference in some of the poorest countries across the world. 


At a recent conference with regional business leaders I explored what they want the government to do for us. The answer was 3 things: infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. I agree and here follows a progress report.

Budget 2017

Following yesterday's budget, I thought it might be useful to provide a summary of the key points. If you click on the following link, you'll find a helpful list of 25 decisions taken by the Chancellor and how they might impact you and your family.

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What is the biggest issue facing us, I asked several people last weekend. Everyone over 50 made reference to Brexit and immigration. All those under 40 said the same thing: housing. The need to build more houses for our children and grandchildren.

Celebrating local business success

Each year, the Western Morning News host a glamorous Business Awards in the region. This year’s event was held last Friday at St Mellion just across the border and I was kindly invited to be the guest of Pennon - owners of South West Water, and guest speaker.

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Remembrance weekend is always a poignant time. We remember those men and women who have given their lives in defence of our nation and also those who are still serving on our behalf, both here and around the world.