Additional funding to train Social Workers in the South West

The Government has just announced £45 million funding to train 900 new children's Social Workers across the country, including over 40 vacancies in the South West - the first time they have offered the placements in the region.

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The day of reckoning draws nigh. Certainly in the week commencing 14th January 2019, and probably on Tuesday 15thJanuary, the House of Commons will vote on the Brexit deal negotiated with the EU, and the various amendments that relate to it.

Question to the PM on SEND Funding

Yesterday I was able to ask a question the Prime Minister about SEND funding. I think it is key that we ensure our most vulnerable children and young people have access to the education and support they need to thrive.

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The political year has not ended well.

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Cast your mind back to the London Olympics: six years ago: a country at peace with itself, putting on one heck of show, celebrating athletic prowess in a generous British way.

Gary pledges his support for PM

I will be strongly supporting Theresa May in the leadership ballot today. A change of leader at this critical stage of our nation's affairs would be a self-indulgent absurdity.

Brexit Vote - Update

You will no doubt be aware that the vote due to take place on the Brexit deal in Parliament tomorrow been postponed.

I'm hoping to make the following speech in the House today:

In June 2016 I voted to Remain, but the people voted to leave. 

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Sometimes the large corporations that operate in our society get a good public kicking – often they deserve it, as when they find all manner of clever and legal ways to avoid paying their fair share of tax in the country in which they operate.