Local business urges MPs to back the PM's Brexit Deal

I am receiving many representations from local businesses urging me to back the Brexit deal. I set out below one such letter that is indicative of how strongly local businesses feel about this matter.

Dear Gary,

I hope you are well and preparing for Christmas amidst the Westminster woe’s.

I wanted to lay out the thoughts and fears of Aldermans and many of the SME manufacturing sector in your patch with regards to the important vote next week.

We are proud to be part of the UK manufacturing industry: with 2.6 million employees; making up almost half of UK exports; and providing almost 70% of the UK’s business research and development. The strength of our sector is firmly underpinned by our trading relationship with the EU: last year EU markets accounted for 48% of manufactured exports. For many British manufacturing companies trade with the EU is the only business environment they have ever known.

British engineering and manufacturing has been one of the most successful sectors for hundreds of years. We can and will adapt to changes through Brexit to make it a success at the other side. But to do so, we need clarity and security.

You and your Parliamentary colleagues will I’m sure be carefully scrutinising the Withdrawal Agreement including the Political Declaration over the coming days. I support the overall basis of the Agreement and would actively encourage you to do the same.

I support the Withdrawal Agreement as it provides the basis for a pragmatic and sensible departure. It gives my business the confidence and clarity about the trading environment for the immediate future. Crucially, it will ensure that my business and many similar manufacturing businesses across this region, does not face a highly damaging and unknown exit next March. The outcome of no deal will make or break companies like mine across the UK and I ask for your help in making sure our voice is heard at the heart of this debate.

Aldermans ask that you support UK manufacturing by supporting and encouraging your colleagues to support this deal ahead of the crucial Parliamentary vote.

Best regards

Karen Friendship

Managing Director

Alderman Tooling Ltd