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It is not pleasant to be on the losing side, especially when the defeat is an historic one. So it was for me on Tuesday night. The Withdrawal Agreement was heavily defeated by all opposition parties and over one hundred Conservative MPs voting against it.

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My direct family stretches through four generations. My dad is a spritely 85, hanging on to see Brexit become a reality (!) Mum is 83 and the two remain devoted to each other. Jan and I are in our sixties, our children in their third decade and four grandchildren range from fourteen down to two.

Additional funding to train Social Workers in the South West

The Government has just announced £45 million funding to train 900 new children's Social Workers across the country, including over 40 vacancies in the South West - the first time they have offered the placements in the region.

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The day of reckoning draws nigh. Certainly in the week commencing 14th January 2019, and probably on Tuesday 15thJanuary, the House of Commons will vote on the Brexit deal negotiated with the EU, and the various amendments that relate to it.

Question to the PM on SEND Funding

Yesterday I was able to ask a question the Prime Minister about SEND funding. I think it is key that we ensure our most vulnerable children and young people have access to the education and support they need to thrive.