Covid-19 Responsibility

I had a slight problem with my heart in August (not really serious) so I have taken the decision, based on medical advice, not to return to Westminster while the spike in Covid 19 lashes our country once again.

EU Internal Market Bill

Given the votes in Parliament this week, I am posting my article a couple of days earlier than usual...

Migrants and the English Channel

I am getting a lot of emails about the number of migrants crossing the channel in small boats to enter the United Kingdom.

The New Normal

As many of you know, I have for some years written a weekly column for the Plympton Plymstock and Ivybridge News, the local free sheet distributed to 80% of homes in South West Devon Constituency.


Not many of us thought we would ever have to live through such a time: the police stopping people at various places in SW Devon asking: “the purpose of your journey”. One of the historic definitions of English freedom is the ability to get on a train at Victoria station and go wherever you want.

Overcoming COVID19

I have deliberately held off from writing about the Covid 19 pandemic until it was clearer what kind of crisis we are dealing with. Now that is clear: a very serious one. 

Laser like focused Budget

I have witnessed at least 25 budgets in my time at Westminster, some more remarkable and successful than others. The budget this week was noteworthy for several reasons.

Agroforestry at Dartington

I had a fascinating day at Dartington Hall Estate last Thursday learning about the experimental research they are carrying out on Agroforestry.

Truths about Cathedrals and Flood Plains

Jan and I are on a mini break to visit the cathedrals of Hereford and Worcester. Unfortunately Storm Dennis got here before us and many people have been flooded as the rivers of this region have broken their banks.