Gary welcomes £14 billion cash boost for schools

The Prime Minister has announced that we are boosting schools with a record £14 billion, levelling up per pupil funding across the country so every child in South West Devon has a world class education.

Brexit - update

This most challenging of issues rumbles on, dividing our nation and threatening to undermine our democratic foundations. The country and my constituents remain as divided as ever. I see no evidence of any local change of heart from the 55/45 vote to Leave in June 2016.

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For me, last weekend was just about perfect. On Saturday afternoon, I watched the English Rugby team destroy the Irish at Twickenham as they continued an impressive run up to the Rugby World Cup.

Queen's Speech and Brexit

Parliament will return on 3rd September following the Summer recess as planned.  It was then scheduled to rise on the 11th or 12th September for the annual party conference season, as happens every year.  The House would then return after the party conference season on Tuesday 8thth October. 

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The Devon and Somerset Fire Service has recently undertaken a review of its services and care now consulting on proposals that involve the closure of a number of small fire stations, including one in my constituency, namely that in the tiny but beautiful village of Kingston.

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Most of us living in Plympton and Ivybridge receive primary health care by the Beacon medical group. There has been some local press comment about recent performance, reflected also in my postbag and on social media.

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I still receive many more emails and letters about Brexit than any other subject. I am acutely conscious that of the 70,000 adults living in SW Devon, I am likely to be the only one who will get to vote on the final act in October. This is a good time to summarise my views.

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Leadership is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

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Unusually Jan and I spent last weekend in London, in part to visit our son’s new home in Croydon. As part of this we caught a train from a packed Victoria Train station and back again. 

Some reflections.

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I have long been a cricket fan, but never seen anything like the final of the World Cup. I had to go for a walk at one stage as the tension was too much for me, only to miss the way that Ben Stokes rescued us in the final over. I have watched it several times since.