I am sorry that we have inflicted upon you another general election, but I am afraid there was no real alternative. A government with no majority, a Parliament that was stuck. Something had to give.

So we have to come back to the people for your instructions and a fresh mandate. I am writing this article – the last before the campaign begins – in a non-partisan way. There will now be a clear choice for the people at this election:

If you want the sensible Brexit deal that has been negotiated to be implemented, for us to get Brexit done and move on, you can vote Conservative. 

If you want a second referendum on Brexit, you can vote Labour.

If you want firmly to remain, the Liberal Democrats are there for you.

If your passion is climate change and remain the Green party is available.

If you want a no deal Brexit, you can vote for the Brexit party(if they stand)

All of us are sick of going round and round on this one intractable issue. I have not heard a fresh argument or point for at least six months. It is time to get this done and move on. As Parliament is not capable of so doing, we must put this to the people to elect a new Parliament. That is our system.

The election will not just be about Brexit. There will be other vital issues to consider: the NHS, social care, law and order, defence and education. Increasingly climate change is becoming an issue for all of us - we must continue to reduce carbon emissions and live sustainably.

As in all elections, the voters must juggle a variety of different issues and make their choices. One of them is always leadership. People must decide who is best placed to lead our country forward, especially as we leave the EU and carve outa new place in the world.

After some soul-searching, and discussions with Jan, I have decided to seek re-election for my eighth general election! The past twelve months have been tough, and many talented people are leaving politics.  After this election the House of Commons will contain many new faces. I think it is important to have some experience to balance all of that raw energy.

But the beauty of our democracy – and we must never take it for granted – is that you the people will decide. The power is yours.Gns