PPI News

This week we went down to Cornwall for four days with all the family, the first time we have done this since our kids became adults.

We stayed in a busy holiday park near Hayle. Knowing that the next two months at Westminster are going to be intense as Brexit approaches it’s shrieking finale, it was good to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – like jumping the waves and children enjoy themselves.

It is a reminder of how important the tourist industry is to our region. The roads, cafes and shops full of people from elsewhere in the UK, many patently form the Midlands and up north. Millions of pounds being spent creating employment and wealth in Devon and Cornwall, largely because of our natural environment. I had never been to Hayle beach before – three miles of extraordinary golden sand with the waves crashing in. Hats off to the ever vigilant lifeguards keeping us all safe. How important it is that we preserve and protect these precious amenities for all generations to enjoy.

It was interesting to hear all of the Eastern European accents in the shops and restaurants, not tourists so much as the waiters and waitresses who served food and drink. Even after Brexit we will still need all of those willing workers to help us run our leisure’s facilities (as well as farms, NHS and care homes) which is why those who voted to leave the EU just to reduce immigration are going to be sorely disappointed. Our economy would grind to a holt without their labours, especially now that unemployment is so low here. At 4 per cent we are down to the ones who are very reluctant to work, which is why the benefit system has to include incentives and sanctions on some to seek work.

The A38 was blocked in both directions on the way down, although the A30 was moving well. So much holiday traffic pouring down – how does it all fit in? Another reason why we must always have at least two arterial routes serving our region. This is why the dualling of the A303 is so important and why the tunnel around Stonehenge cannot start soon enough.

We live in a breathtakingly beautiful region and have so much to be grateful for. But we must not take it for granted and I return to Westminster with a renewed passion to ensure we preserve and enhance all that we have.