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I find Donald Trump a most distasteful man and cannot really believe that he is the best that the mighty USA can come up with. 

BUT, there are three things of which I have reminded myself. One: he was duly elected. Two, he is the leader of the Free World and three: even by the law of averages, he will not always be wrong.

Until China takes over as the dominant global power in a decade or two, the world only really works if the USA and its allies collaborate. The United Nations has long been a toothless beast, given the veto that Russia and China have as permanent members of the Security Council. So for the time being, until a better (or worse) idea comes along, we would be foolish not to work closely with the Trump White House. We are right to invite him here for a summit meeting this summer and we should do all we can to polish up the special relationship, even in these difficult circumstances. 

I have accepted Brexit, not because I think it is wise or in the national interest, but simply because the people of this country voted for it. I am a democrat. In the same way, I accept Trump has been duly elected. If Jeremy Corbyn becomes our Prime Minister at the next general election, I will accept that also, even though I believe his policies will ruin our country. We have to accept the democratic will of the people.

So work with Trump we must despite his obnoxious personality and crazy policies like imposing tariffs on steel and other imports into the US. Surely the world has learnt by now that free trade brings long term prosperity whereas protectionism, despite being popular in the short term, brings economic hazard.

But he will not always be wrong. I suspect he might be right in his tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran, possibly the most duplicitous nation on the face of the earth. Papers recently acquired by the Israeli secret service appear to suggest that the rogue state is continuing to explore nuclear capability for military purposes, even though committing themselves to the opposite. Not in any way a shock!

If we are lucky (and if we pray hard,) we might find that this bull-headed President actually does some good in tackling intractable problems and forcing malignant regimes to face up to reality. I was born an optimist.