Why I support the recent airstrikes on Syria

The last few days in Westminster have been full of incredibly long and intense debates and speeches and seen some very tough questions asked of the Prime Minister.

It is unusual for three high profile issues to come up in one week like this. Given the hours spent in the Chamber of the House of Commons and the passion and emotions expressed around all three of the headline-grabbing issues this week, it will certainly go down as one of the more significant weeks in my 25 years in Westminster.

Airstrikes on Syria, the Windrush immigration mistakes and the debate on anti-semitism - three huge issues brought before Parliament.

However, I want to focus on the airstrikes against the Assad regime by Britain, France and America in response to the use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians in the Syrian city of Douma.

Less than a week ago, RAF planes, together with French and American military, launched coordinated airstrikes on targets in Syria with the aim of reducing the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons capability and to deter their use. This action was taken after 75 men, women and children were killed by chemical weapons, and as many as 500 were injured following an attack on the 7th April.

I wholeheartedly support the Prime Minister in the difficult decision she made. She acted on knowledge and intelligence it is not possible for us to be privy to and this is why it is right that she acted without bringing the decision to Parliament for consent.

In her statement at Number 10 Downing Street on Sunday morning, Theresa May set out clear reasons for the decision she took and I would urge you to read the statement for yourself to see exactly what led her to take this action.

You can read it here.