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The Romans brought cutting edge technology to our shores, including flat straight roads, magnificent stone buildings and heated baths. Once they had gone we could not replicate their skills for centuries. We went backwards into the dark ages.

Plympton, Plymstock & Ivybridge (PPI) Weekly Article

Election Outcome '17

At 10pm on election night you could hear the sound of jaws dropping onto the floor all over Britain. The election that was designed to produce a larger Conservative majority, served up a smaller one. A disastrous campaign and a shock outcome. 

Postal Vote Issues in Plymouth - what to do before 8th June

I have been hearing from a number of voters who opted to vote by post and have not yet received their ballot papers. As you may have heard from the local media, it appears that a number of voting packs have gone missing in the post.

Devon MPs urge Prime Minister to ensure fair schools funding

Following the announcement of the General Election on 19th April, I was part of a group of Devon MPs who wrote the attached letter to the Prime Minister urging her to hold fast to the 2015 Conservative Manifesto Pledge to introduce genuinely fair funding for schools.

Easter Newsletter

I've recently published my second email newsletter to local supporters.
If you're interested in having a read, you can find it here.

Brexit Begins

Article 50 has been triggered. The UK has formally issued its intention to leave the European Union. The formal negotiations will now begin in earnest. As I have said all along, on 23rd June 2016, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and we must act in line with that decision.

MKC Heroes

Last Friday, I had the privilege of taking questions from a group of school children from across Plymouth. A large group of primary and secondary aged children took over Plymouth City Council Chamber for the afternoon.

Tackling road safety on the A38

I am sure I am not the only one to have noticed the increasing prevalence of incidents on the A38 between South Brent and Manadon in Plymouth in recent months.