Putting in place post-Brexit agricultural framework

It is vital that having left the EU, we get the full benefits of controlling our own agricultural policy rather than adhering to the Common Agricultural Policy as set out by the European Union.

I will work with local farmers and those in control of our Brexit negotiations to ensure we get the best possible agricultural framework for the future.





Truths about Cathedrals and Flood Plains

Jan and I are on a mini break to visit the cathedrals of Hereford and Worcester. Unfortunately Storm Dennis got here before us and many people have been flooded as the rivers of this region have broken their banks.

Farming and sustainability in Brexit Britain

The House of Commons recently debated the Agricultural Bill which will put in place the system that will replace the Common Agricultural Policy as we transition fully out of the EU at the end of this year. The Bill is primarily a framework enabling the Secretary of State to make detailed regulati

Leaving the EU

I do not want Big Ben to bong or church bells to ring. The issue was divisive enough without rubbing people’s faces in it. We also have a job of healing to do. The Brexit debate ripped a hole in our country. Now that Brexit is a fait accomplis, the healing process can begin

Queen's Speech and Brexit

Parliament will return on 3rd September following the Summer recess as planned.  It was then scheduled to rise on the 11th or 12th September for the annual party conference season, as happens every year.  The House would then return after the party conference season on Tuesday 8thth October. 

PPI News

I still receive many more emails and letters about Brexit than any other subject. I am acutely conscious that of the 70,000 adults living in SW Devon, I am likely to be the only one who will get to vote on the final act in October. This is a good time to summarise my views.

Grappling with Brexit

Have you ever lain awake at night grappling with a seemingly insoluble problem? Those of us who are parents or who have run our own business certainly have!

PPI News

I received several emails last week from constituents sending me a paper entitled 15 reasons to vote against the Withdrawal Agreement. It went on to describe the WA as an abomination. Whenever you see the word abomination you know you are dealing with a certain type of person.

The economy and business in Plympton

Good news -  our public finances have reached a ‘turning point’ with the independent economic outlook showing a ‘solid foundation on which to build Britain’s economic future’.

Last week, the Chancellor said the outlook shows that: