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What lessons can we learn from that horrible atrocity in New Zealand? 

First, that radicalisation and terrorism can take many forms, and that many people from different backgrounds are prone to it. 

Honour to present World War Two Medals to Nelly Hassell

On Saturday, I had the honour of presenting 95 year old, Nelly Hassell, with two medals from her service in World War Two. 

After the war ended she didn't receive her medals but her Grandson, Scott, did something about this and succeeded in securing her rightful recognition.

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Next week could see the finale of the Brexit pantomime that has blighted our national life for two years. The House of Commons could pass the Withdrawal Agreement (Deal) on Tuesday 12th March. It could.

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Recent events in British politics have shown once again how volatile democracy can be. Defections, a new political grouping which might become a party, resignations, threats ofmore defections – all fascinating for the minority of people who love political drama. 

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I have been an MP for 26 years, 13 under a Labour government and 13 under a Conservative-led government. For all of that period the transport infrastructure of the south west has not received sufficient attention or investment from governments of all colours.

South West gains £2 billion transport investment

We have finally had the announcement we have all been waiting for.

£2 billion of Government money invested in transport infrastructure across the South West - from Gloucester to Penzance. Crucially, £80 million for the railway line at Dawlish. 

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I was asked by a primary school pupil on Friday, whether I thought that the world was likely to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals intended to be met by 2030.